Highlights from a site in Freetown, Massachusetts.

The site starts at an outcrop with this propped boulder on top.
Note the single column of two stacked support stones.

Propped Boulder

Close-up of propped boulder and support stones.

Twenty five feet south of the propped boulder
there is a large stone mound with a quartz Manitou stone on the top.

Stone mound and quartz Manitou stone.

Close-up of the quartz Manitou stone.
Note how the stones have been worked to better keep the Manitou upright.

Another close-up of the manitou stone.

At the far end of the site 100 feet east of the propped boulder
is an excellent example of a head and shoulders type of Manitou stone.
Note the two flat stones with concave surfaces to the left of the Manitou stone for donations.

Head and shoulders type Manitou stone.

Close-up of one of the dish shaped stones

Close-up of the Manitou stone.

Standing stone with large flake removed.

This small standing stone was shaped with the edges left very sharp.

Site location map

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Besides the features listed here there are numerous cairns and stone rows at the site.

All Images and videos Copyright: Larry Harrop 2002-2021. These images can be used with proper credit for educational or research purposes.